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          Warmly Celebrate Our Company's Official Website Launched!

          2019-07-26 16:07:50  admin  88

          Warmly Celebrate Our Company's Official Website Launched!

          In order to adapt to the development needs and establish a good image of our company, also satisfy the customer through the network and make the customers understand our services and products, after nearly two months of preparation, on July 10, 2019 our company's website was finally launched, marking the online business of our company Chengdu Hengtai Nanfeng Industrial Co,.Ltd towards a solid pace.

          The link of our company website is http://htnfchemical.com. The website has been online already, and the content of the website will be updated constantly. Please pay attention to our website at any time.

          The keynote of our company's website is blue, and the layout design is fresh and lively, also the website structure is simple and clear. The products information published on the website is in detail, also the company's corporate culture is clearly explained, and the interactive function of the website is strong. The website also facilitates the communication with our customers. Our company establishes a convenient channel to communicate with customers through the website. In order to better understand our customers' opinions, grasp their needs, we set up a message column, as well as online webpage communication and QQ and other direct communication functions on the website. In this way, we can strengthen our contact with customers and establish a good relationship with them.

          Although the website is still a little imperfect, with time goes by, the website will become better and better, and the products will become more and more completed. The website will also launch other projects, and the products will be updated every day. The website will be the first platform to launch our latest products, thus it will be convenient for customers to understand our latest launched products in time.

          Relying on China west mining group, Chengdu Hengtai Nanfeng Industrial Co., Ltd is a platform for foreign trade cooperation and development in the west of China, mainly specialize in the production and management of various quality and specifications of salt chemical products, petrochemical products, fine chemical products and other chemical products, such as sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, sodium sulphide, PVC, magnesium oxide and so on. At present, it is mainly exported to the Southeast Asian, Africa, the Americas and other overseas markets.

          Hope that everyone can give us advice and put forward valuable comments, we will continue to provide you with better and more perfect products and services.

          Thanks again for your attention and congratulations on the company's website launching!

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